Avon vs Mooresville Avon vs Brownsburg Avon vs HSE Avon vs Ben Davis Avon vs North Central Avon Black & Gold scrimmage 8/19/14 Avon Black & Gold scrimmage 8/20/14

Glad to see you

Avonsoccer is dedicated to those who play the game. Throughout each season we capture events on the field as they happen and present a few frames to help remind us why we play the game. The dedication of these emerging adults and how they conduct themselves on the field is a credit to themselves, their school and foremost, their parents.

Enjoy your time browsing the galleries and hopefully you will find your player in action. We attempt to make most of the home games and the resulting photos are usually up for review by the end of that weekend.

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8.14 Boys Black & Gold posted
8.19 Boys Brebeuf JV posted
8.20 Girls Cathedral Var & JV posted

8.26 Boys Noblesville Var & JV posted

8.29 Boys Ben Davis Var posted

8.30 Girls North Central Var posted

9.03 Girls HSE Var & JV posted

9.08 Girls Mooresville Var & JV posted

9.09 Boys Brownsburg Var & JV posted

9.16 Boys Plainfield JV posted

9.16 Boys Brebeuf Var posted

9.20 Girls Zionsville Var & JV posted

9.24 Girls Fishers Var & JV posted

9.27 Girls Brownsburg Var posted

9.30 Boys Westfield Var & JV posted